We all need SECURITY

  • Today's cyber defenses are reactionary. Historically, it can be shown that reactive solutions are almost always outdated before they are released
  • Cyber Crimes are on the rise, Cyber criminals are always ahead of current defenses. The industry must follow totally new concepts
  • PGP, TLS, ZRTP, SRTP to name only a few, are old and outdated, criminals have cracked the codes
  • PGP for example stores the keys in public containers and on mobile devices, one need only to copy the keys from insecure , none encrypted mobile devices, there is no security
  • The time is fast-approaching when all the world's societies will be dependent on internet connectivity to function. This then makes internet access a vital, yet shared resource similar to water and air
  • But it makes Internet resources also vulnerable to terrorist attacks , like utilities are now
  • Like environmental concerns about water and air, resolving internet issues, especially cyber security, will require cooperation among multiple organizations, totally new approaches to develop solutions
  • Traditional, large IT Security companies, are to slow , develop reactionary, cannot let go traditions
  • Solutions must be revolutionary new and different, fast developed and implemented ahead of the "Others"
  The SecureScrypt solution is maybe the best secret-keeping solution for  mobile devices, because it covers ALL Platforms with one solution ( important for Iphone devices) combining a software solution with the secure Micro SD ( Enigma) providing military risk protection for a wide range of mobile devices. SecureScrypt's flexible architecture  makes it a "MUST HAVE"  security solution for target users:  


The staff wants to use Mobile Phones and Tablets for all communications, the management needs to keep all critical information 100% secure .....

....This solution is the most secure solution, all Backend Components are installed in the Enterprise owned Data Center following the internal IT Management Rules and Regulations of each company. With P2P secure Communication between Mobile Phones and Fix Line Phones and Corporate Messaging, SecureScrypt with optional integrated FidoScrypt encrypted  authentication,  a secure mobile communications platform customized to the  needs of private enterprises of any size will be delivered. With its cross-platform compatibility, SecureScrypt delivers a Solution for any Hardware, so NO NEW HARDWARE needs to be purchased, easing the corporate budgets!  
  • The SecureScrypt, Crysp, FidoScrypt platform  is a mobile communication solution combining telephony,  messaging, data file, video, conference call services  with sophisticated security mechanisms and advanced end-to-end encryption technologies.

  • Integrating within the  existing IT infrastructure seamlessly, SecureScrypt is fully  compatible with most mobile and fix devices as add-on  module, avoiding the necessity of buying new phones, just  use Your own.

  • The software-only or additional SD-Card  Hardware solution is a cost-effective and flexible platform  that empowers efficiency and mobility within the  organization whilst protecting the intellectual property and  the confidentiality of the communications by transforming  public networks and mobile devices into highly secure communication channels.



All Government transactions are secret and protect the country. It requires FIPS-140-2 level 3 security. Until recent it was only available on special designs devices now SecureScrypt changed that ....
  • ...Government agencies, police,  military forces, political and public institutions,  enterprises as well as NGO's rely on SecureScrypt  encryption, the solution for end-to-end encrypted voice and  messaging services.
  • SecureScrypt and FidoScrypt integrate  within the existing IT infrastructure seamlessly and  transforms public networks and mobile devices into highly  secure communication channels - easy to use and cost  effective. 
  • This solution is the most secure and economical solution for  Governments, Law Enforcements, Intelligence Services,  Embassies and the Military and all Backend Components are  installed in the Government owned Data Center or worldwide  over Government owned Fiber connections, Networks or Virtual  Private Networks.
  • White Label available for even more  security!
  • Public authorities worldwide rely on our tailor-made CROSS PLATFORM compatible software solutions!



Even more important is protecting military intelligence. Make off the shelf Mobile devices secure following FIPS 140-2 Level  standards.  
  • Fully encrypted Voice, Text, Messages, Data - Email, mobile PKI
  • Military strength solutions on economical consumer grade mobile devices on AL available OS
  • Fully encrypted real-time photo and video transmission
  • Works with commercial and military networks worldwide
  • Special designs for Intelligence Agents field work
  • SecureScrypt teams design and operate large network deployment projects
Financial Customers live in a mobile world. Financial institutions need better security then soft tokens, user names ,passwords stored on fragile  bank servers. Smart Cards have replaced magnetic stripe cards, but more security is needed for internet banking and financial transactions.  
  • Securing mobile banking authentication with FIDOScrypt Nurugo, the patented Biometrics solution
  • User Mobile managed PKI, encrypted transactions, no passwords needed! All PKI based.
  • End 2 End Security,P2P, using mobiles as credit or debit card.
  • Nurugo Biometrics sends NFC to the history!
  • SecureScrypt develops and customizes secure applications for partners and consumers with professional end-to-end encryption, compatible with ALL platforms, IOS, Android, Windows etc.
Consumer Last but not less important Consumers are tired of identity theft, stolen phones, eavesdropping etc. SecureScrypt and FidoScrypt the perfect solution to protect access to the device.  
  • Nurugo Biometrics and FIDO password less access, protects the user and the device
  • encrypted information, in case of stolen devices important information is encrypted
  • special encrypted social messenger application
  • cannot be duplicated, makes even older smart phones secure and latest state of the art
  • Latest Fingerprint ID secures the phones at all levels



  Individually   Developed   Solutions  SecureScrypt   Made in Germany

SecureScrypt  ( then PIC Germany) developed and introduced already in 1989 the first encrypted Satellite Telephone, at that time a revolutionary development, used on Ships, in Desserts, in the Air by commercial and Government Organizations. Following its tradition, we are now once again ahead of current technology with our solutions and biometric authentications, solving current and future threats in mobile communications.

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