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it is increasingly difficult to find and put together a strong team of cyber security experts , since the demand for professionals with these required special qualifications formally rockets into the air . These experts must have access to the latest local and global information sources to anticipate attacks and prevent them before the damage is been done. They also need to understand the attackers . These can be refined spy teams , cybercriminals , who perpetrate a new scam , or hacktivists aimed at companies to expose company secrets, expose individuals, expose Governments Intelligence, try to be ahead of the game. Only very senior IT and Cyber Security Experts can handle these difficult tasks and train the younger generation. 


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SecureScrypt  ( then PIC Germany) developed and introduced already in 1989 the first encrypted Satellite Telephone, at that time a revolutionary development, used on Ships, in Desserts, in the Air by commercial and Government Organizations. Following its tradition, we are now once again ahead of current technology with our solutions and biometric authentications, solving current and future threats in mobile communications.

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