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*SentosaXchange - Blockchain - ERP - SCM News
Corona worldwide update every 60 Minutes on BLOCKCHAIN ERP 
*Medical Blockchain Solution

Blockchain News ( March 2020)


 is the world's first decentralized P2P ( Peer-to-Peer) Medical ERP blockchain platform connected with selected global medical nodes.

Protection & Security

 in comparison to existing medical network solutions, our platform will provide end-end users with highly secure and stable solutions.

MERP G2P Network

Our medical ERP (MERP) G2b and B2B Network is available in 57+ languages for sourcing Medical Suppliers from around the world, ideal for hospitals to organize for example intensive care beds and equipment, allowing an immediate country wide overview of  availability.

 *SentosaXchange ( a subsidiary of the German company SecureScrypt, developer of the first Blockchain based Data Security Platform (DSP), SaaS, AntiDDos, DLP, ATP, ERP tools)  a leader in ERP ( Enterprise Resource Planning)  SCM (Supply Chain Management) has rolled out its global MERP SCM Blockchain solution, combining  several Medical Supply companies worldwide.

Dubbed “MERP” (MedicalERP) uses Blockchain to drive supply chain transparency, tracebility of medical products and their critical raw materials supply in a complex international supply chain. It targets industry-wide solution for secure data sharing  

In its early version, MERP is designed to ensure traceability and immediate data transparency for Medical Products ( such as Face Masks, Medial Protect Goggles, Protective Suits, Breathing and other medical Hardware) across complex supply chains that engage multiple international parties. 

SentosaXchange, the developer of the  the sytems platform, announces that it now wants to expand the project to “a large number” of other suppliers globally, as soon further funds are generated though the included token project SNX. SNX is SentisaXchange’s official registered token and is available now for interested parties, to participate in.

Combining Blockchain with Cloud technology

In the long-term, SentosaXchange’s  vision is to use Blockchain to create “an open platform that will allow data within supply chains to be exchanged and shared safely and anonymize across the industry.” 

Together with Blockchain — which provides for tamper-proof, verifiable data collection and transaction —  MERP and eHalal ( the worlds first SCM for Halal products, already listing on ehalal Marketplace ten thousands of Swiss based Nestle products),uses cloud technologies from Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and for Security, the in Germany based Strato company, to adhere to the strict EGDPR regulations. 

A recent example of transparency and fast availability is the SentosaXchange CORONA Virus Dashboard, with data from all over the world, data from health organizations and government office from over 160 countries. The emxi MERP health dashboard, etc.

Intra-industry development

SentosaXchange  now intends to share the MERP solution with other members of the Open Blockchain Community, which the developers opened since 2018. 

High-profile blockchain, tech developers and  engineering firms are a part of the SentosaXchange solution

The project is led by Team SecureScrypt a part of  SecureScrypt, the German based Software and Cyber Security company) which aims to establish a Blockchain-based database for MERP, eHalal Marketplace products ( the Swiss Nestle Company with thousands of halal products is already on the ERP) and other suppliers.

This supports unique digital certificates for information such as product references, supplier Identification, Product Genuineness Certificates (PGC), SCM status, etc. , which can be securely stored in an electronic wallet.

Download Whitepaper as PDF File

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