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Typical  Cyber Security Consultant contract definition and experience

   Prepare IT security policies and action plans for the client Services for review at least once a year, with the first review to take place immediately with signing the contract;
 Evaluate IT security products and solutions features for use within the client Services;
 Develop and implement security management frameworks and governance for the client Services
 Implement IT security incident management and handle IT security incidents;
 Liaise, co-ordinate and work with the on-site Services personnel and other appointed Supplier(s) to resolve IT security incidents;
 Participate and assist in Government / Enterprise and Services wide IT security incident response tabletop exercises and technical assessment exercises;
 Perform disk image acquisition for forensic investigation purposes within three (3) calendar days upon the request by the Representative and protect the acquired disk image from tampering; the Contractor shall provide the tools and services required for such disk image acquisition1;
 Analyze and update the Representative on the latest security problems, risks and solutions;
 Meet with the Representative monthly or as determined by the Representative to highlight security issues and propose improvements to the client Services;
 Liaise and co-ordinate meetings with the Representative, Government appointed Supplier(s), and Government security organizations to discuss IT security issues or incidents that are related to the on-site Services and client Services;
 Perform security risk assessment of the client services and maintain an updated security risk register for the duration of the Contract. The risk register shall be updated with the latest security risk information including inputs from the security assessments performed by the external security assessors. The risk register shall be provided to the Representative upon request by the Representative and the format of the risk register shall be specified by the Representative; and
 Perform other activities necessary to ensure secured client and on-site Services.

Other Services provided by the Consultant:

 Engage customer actively to understand customer pain points and requirements.
 Work closely with sales, business development, internal and external suppliers to to produce quality and cost-effective technical solutions to address customer requirement.
 Conduct proof-of-concept testing with customer.
 Responsible for providing technical solution design, technical write-up, bill of material and costing in response to tenders.
 Deliver solution presentation to customers and provide high quality response to customer clarifications.
 Innovate and produce creative solution packaging.
 Build competency by keeping abreast of latest technology and product development in the field of interest.
 Evaluate different vendor solutions and produce competitive analysis reports and solution-sets.
 Participate consultant or work as part of the delivery team to deliver safe cities solutions.
 At least 10 years of relevant experience with deep knowledge in physical security and access control, integrated building mgmt systems, biometric (facial, iris & fingerprint), video content analytic, video surveillance and public safety enforcement solutions.
 Domain knowledge of Safe/Smart Cities, C2/C4i, Telematic/M2M etc.
 Good Knowledge of safe cities sensors such as IP camera, environmental sensors, audio sensors, Electro Optics, wearable’s, Car-to-X etc.
 In-depth knowledge of latest Mobile devices, Android, IOS Hardware and Software, penetration tests of mobile systems, built in back-doors
 Good working experience and proven track records in designing end to end solutions (including servers, storage, network, telecommunication, IT security and other supporting infrastructure required to deploy the solutions) and developing associated costing worksheet.
 Able to lead and drive internal and external partners to contribute towards a winning technical proposal under demanding schedule.
 Highly motivated and willing to work in a rapidly evolving, fast paced environment.
 Good communications and collaboration skills with strong analytical and problem solving skills.
 Masters / Degree in Electrical / Electronics / Computer Science / Engineering/ IT with 15+ years of relevant presales and/or delivery experience in related field


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