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About SecureScrypt® - Neoi®

Since 1989, then BEI Germany, now SecureScrypt Germany, is developing secure mobile communications. Software and Hardware solution were branded Neoi. SecureScrypt developed the first portable encrypted Satellite Telefon Terminal, which is still used today in the world’s desserts and jungles.

SecureScrypt continued the design and development of wireless communication systems and now has added sophisticated cross-platform compatible applications. Our vision is to provide the most robust, service provider independent, privacy and security solutions for all open architecture mobile devices.

Our vision is reflected in our latest products including SecureScrypt  which is a comprehensive peer-to-peer smart phone encryption application for voice, text, chat, photos, and file sharing using either FIPS accredited secure microSD hardware; and our HCE (Host Card Emulation) solution where HCE is the revolutionary technology promoted by Android to encourage independent secure elements for NFC, in Partnership with Swissbit, the worlds leading manufacturer of Secure SDCard.

Latest SSCSIM technology allows integration of authentication and verification features together with the SIM card, and so overcomes the problem of “Who is on the other side”?

The Company today

SecureScrypt  is a rapidly expanding multi-national partnership headquartered in Wiesbaden Germany, solution partner in Munich, with operations office in Singapore and Partners in Singapore, Africa, Thailand, Hong Kong , with more to come soon.

The Company’s goals are to: 

  • Solve the conflict over ownership of the secure element in mobile devices;
  • Provide freedom to develop software hardware-based mobile security applications independent from phone manufacturers and UICC SIM- Solutions that work on all platforms including IPhone.
  • Develop applications that maximize secure personal communication (voice, text, chat and data)
  • Provide proven solutions with the highest possible levels of security certifications
  • Focus on de-centralized security solutions to minimize scalable attacks
  • Give superior support to our customers, channels and partners;
  • Work with the best in the industry...
  • ...and make it a real difference   

The management team and our global partners have many years of experience in the innovation, development and marketing of secure communications software and hardware. Fully encrypted peer to peer mobile communications, using standard off the shelf mobile phones instead of special developed expensive hardware. Our patented technology with Nurugo Biometrics is the world leader in Biometric authentication and identification of the users on both sides and excludes guaranteed any “man in the middle or next to you"


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