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  IPhones Vulnerability
  GovWare 2015 Singapore
  GSMA Barcelona
  GSMA MWC Shanghai
  IONDROID Messaging
  Nurugo Biometrics Video
  USA Government fights Data Protection
  Apple IOS not secured until IOS8

Neoi SecureScrypt is a confirmed participant of the GovWare by CSA ( Cyber Security Authorities), MHA ( Ministry of Home Affairs) IDA (Infocomm Development Authority) of Singapore 6-8 October at Suntec Exhibit Center. The CEO of  SecureScrypt Neoi Pte. Ltd. is also an invited speaker on the closed door Symposium - "The basics of Mobile Security"  Introducing the new low cost Encryption Platform E8 for constrained Budgets.

  GSMA MWC Shanghai 2015, SecureScrypt unveils its latest AES256 PKI secured Cross-Platform Software Solution - first time ever worldwide allowing Iphone to communicate encrypted with all other Platforms.

IONDROID   Cross Platform Messaging system works flawless
  Digiscrypt - SecureScrypt - Nurugo Biometrics Smart Device  replaces older Bluetooth Solutions - Fr Law Enforcement and Intelligent Agencies to identify persons in a multiple way. Combining Biometrics FID, Eyes scan, Faces scan and more in one secured device.
  GSMA Barcelona 2015 - Nurugo SecureScrypt introducing FidoScrypt the worlds first secure Biometrics solution combined with Fido

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